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Wills and Estate Administration



"In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes." Benjamin Franklin, 1789.

Let Sorley & Still Help You: While Ben Franklin’s observation is as true today as it was over two centuries as ago, Sorley & Still can help you navigate the complexities of estate law and minimize taxes payable on death with a last Will and Testament and, where appropriate, utilizing one or more planning vehicles such as alter ego trusts, multiple wills, joint partner trusts, joint tenancies and beneficiary designations designed to ensure that our client’s assets will be distributed in accordance with their wishes, their testamentary plan will not conflict with prevailing laws, minor children will be properly looked after, and the taxes payable will be minimized.

Transition and Succession Planning

Estate litigation can be divisive, costly and avoidable, particularly, where the interested parties had had the opportunity to freely give expression to their needs, desires, concerns and fears in a respectful manner.

Let Sorley & Still Help You: Building on the collaborative practice principle of interest-based negotiation with a view to achieving mutual gain (“win-win”) outcomes, Sorley & Still’s lawyers can act as facilitators assisting those of our clients who wish to explore the transition and succession planning process through a structured series of open, frank, thorough and, at times, difficult exchanges intended to:

  • generate and, then, assess a broad range of possible transition and succession options (including governance models, shareholder arrangements, merits of business acquisitions and sales, etc.), and
  • maximize the likelihood of continuous “buy-in” by all interested parties.

Powers of Attorney

With the rise of cognitive impairment associated with an aging population and the threats to capacity posed by disease or trauma (including neurological or psychiatric disorders and acquired brain injury), there is a very real possibility that, at some point in our lives, we will either, temporarily or permanently, be incapable of making critical decisions for ourselves.

Let Sorley & Still Help You: Sorley & Still’s lawyers can help you by preparing a valid Continuing Power of Attorney for Property and Power of Attorney for Personal Care so that our clients can designate the person(s) who are to have substitute decision-making power over their financial and personal affairs (such as housing preferences and health care directives) in the event of incapacity.

Estate Administration

By agreeing to administer an estate, the executor assumes extensive responsibilities including having to deal with the deceased’s funeral arrangements, the estate’s beneficiaries, the deceased’s and the estate’s banks, the deceased’s assets, the deceased’s creditors, tax authorities, and the Courts. And the breach of any of these responsibilities by the executor may give rise to personal liability.

Let Sorley & Still Help You: Sorley & Still’s lawyers can help executors by explaining the terms of the Will, advising them on all relevant legal matters, preparing the application to confirm the executors’ appointment as Estate Trustee, preparing advertisements for creditors, preparing and filing of all transfer documents, assisting in the preparation of accounts for approval by the Court, when required, and preparing beneficiaries’ releases on the payment of legacies or the transfer of assets.

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