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Collaborative Practice

Collaborative practice has evolved as a structured, client-centered, non-confrontational alternative to litigation.

A Pledge to Collaborate: The collaborative process involves a mutual promise, in writing, to reach a comprehensive agreement without going to Court.  You and your spouse maintain control over decisions regarding your family, property and assets.  The goals of the collaborative process are to create positive relationships, solve problems jointly, and to prevent Court battles, now and in the future.

Support When You Need it Most: Separation and divorce usually involves many new decisions from concern for the children, to financial questions and property matters.  The collaborative process offers you a supportive approach as you and your spouse each work with your respective lawyer and benefit from the assistance of other professionals, including Family Counsellors and Financial Consultants, if needed. 

Focus on the Future: Separation and divorce are significant life-changing events, which need not sever family ties or relationships.  When children are involved, preserving respect and maintaining cooperation are paramount.  The collaborative process’ commitment to a compassionate ending and a healthy new beginning helps you, your spouse and your children maintain family bonds while embracing new lives.

Communication: In the often painful and emotional circumstances surrounding the end of the relationship, talking together can be difficult.  Settlement meetings promote the honest exchanges of information and the exploration of your

needs and expectations in a safe, neutral environment so that problem solving can be direct and solution focused.

It Begins With Mutual Respect: Mutual respect is the basis for the collaborative process.  You, your spouse and your respective lawyers and other professionals work together toward a negotiated resolution to the separation issues.  When respect is given and received, discussions are likely to be most productive and an agreement is reached more easily.

An Agreement You Can Live With: The collaborative process emphasizes cooperation to find lasting solutions based on common interests and understandings. Participating professionals are committed to this process and have received specialized training.  Spouses who participate in the collaborative process must:

  • commit to resolving the dispute without going to Court or threatening Court,
  • provide full and complete disclosure of all information to reach a resolution,
  • conduct themselves in a manner that is dignified and respectful of all participants, and
  • have a willingness to consider a variety of settlement options of which the legal option is just one.

Let Sorley & Still Help You: Two of Sorley & Still’s lawyers, Katherine A. Still and Alexander T. Neuman are certified as collaborative lawyers. Either Katherine or Alex would be pleased to discuss the benefits associated with the collaborative process and help you assess its suitability for you.

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